3 Ways to Choose a Leather Jacket

The only item in the fashion which never becomes outdated is a leather jacket. You have to inspect every aspect of the jacket to finally buy it as it reflects on your style. Leather jackets are often considered the investment of a lifetime because usually, they are expensive so your choice should be made after some careful research.

Buying a leather jacket can be challenging as there is a huge variety of material, type, and even colors. You need to make sure that the jacket is well-suited for you and then judge the material and fitting. Here are three effective ways of ensuring that you are choosing the leather jacket suitable for enhancing your individuality:


1) Preferable Type and Color

When choosing this item, you must know that there are different types of leather jackets with different designs. The most common type of jackets is bomber jackets, moto racer, and double riders. All three are popular but you need to make sure you choose the one that complements your style.


Bomber Jackets are typically comfortable in comparison to other jackets. They have huge pockets and space for warmth and therefore the different fabric is used in this type rather than leather. The internal lining extends till the collar and the length usually extend till waist so if you are looking for the right amount of convenience paired with style, go for Bomber jackets!

If you are craving something more formal, then you should go for Moto Racer jackets. They do not have a defined collar and are generally well-fitted than the other two types. So if you want to attend a corporate dinner or something similar, then motto racer jackets should be your choice.

The typical leather jackets you see in your favorite American movies are Double Ride. As observed countless times, it has broad lapels and flared collars making it the most popular out of all three categories. The front closure usually has a zipper but different companies fashion it in multiple ways.

Generally, jackets are preferred in the favorable colors of black and brown. Manufacturers stick to this color due to popular choice amongst consumers because of the flawless look they provide. However, if you want to take a unique approach, then some companies also go for more vibrant colors to suit the style of the customers. Recently leather jackets are also available in pastel colors to add an artistic touch to the item.


2) Check the Material

Since leather jackets are expensive pieces of clothing, you need to make sure you are buying the perfect quality. The material of the leather jacket is the single most important thing to consider when you are shopping for one.

A jacket which lasts log for a long time is the one made with cowhide. Motorcycle jackets are fashioned from cowhide since it has high durability so you can use it for everyday wear and do not worry about the price since it is extremely affordable at our website Samish Leather. Due to cowhide having a great thickness, the texture of the material is rough and stiff. However, after wearing two or three times, the material loses its roughness. If you want a much smoother jacket then calfskin material is popular for its texture and it has considerable durability but is slightly expensive.

Suede jackets are popular for having a smoother and lighter material. They are made from lamb or goat suede for durability and softness. The stuff is different from leather and can be used in any weather as it is thin but you need to make sure you keep it away from water because the material loses its smoothness and texture if exposed to water.


3) Quality of The Jacket

A simple way to judge the quality of a leather jacket is to notice the lining inside and around the sleeves. Make sure that you check the jacket for any loose threads as those faults will cause it to worn out more quickly. When you are inspecting the jacket, it is important to see if the lining is fine. Some companies use extremely poor material for the inside lining which makes the exterior of leather jackets lose their delicacy faster. The fabric of the lining of a good leather jacket should be heavy yet breathable and it should be different from the material of the jacket itself.

Most leather jackets are fashioned with front closure zippers and the entire look of your leather jackets, sometimes, depends on them so check it carefully when buying one. Some companies use cheap brands and the zippers stop working after some time. The brands which are known to provide good quality of zippers are YKK and RI RI so ensure you move the zipper up and down several times.

Now you are safe to choose the jacket but make sure it fits you well since no one likes a loosely hung jacket. Try it on for a couple of times and move your arms around to check the fitness and you’re all set to walk into the season with the glamour.



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