Dwayne Johnson Jackets

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This man needs no introductions. Ever since Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hit the wrestling ring in WWE, he has gained a massive fan base who adore him for not just being one of the greatest athletes to walk the Earth, but also as the most talented individual in the entertainment industry. His acting career is as impressive as his wrestling, and that is why we think he deserves his very own collection. Introducing the all-new; Dwayne Johnson Jackets Outfits collection at SamishLeather.com.

We start our amazing line of clothing with the Baywatch Dwayne Johnson Red Jacket. But the one that is the hottest in the demand is the Faster Driver jacket. These exquisite outfits are crafted with the best leather in the market. However, the true state of the art outfit is none other than the brown jacket Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wore in the disaster movie San Andreas. And who can forget the brown jacket featured in his hit movie ‘Walking Tall’, we have that here as well. But without a doubt, the best role The Rock has taken in recent years is none other than in Furious 7 as the commanding detective Hobbs. For this particular one, we have not one, but two choices for Furious 7, each a better quality and more trendy than the last. So get yours today and enjoy our exclusive discounts.