Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Jackets

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Green introduces the characteristics of Megan Fox through a Khaki Jacket; it is a unique jacket that is designed with a stand-up collar model, full sleeve, and four flapped pockets on its front. The most intriguing feature is buttoned full sleeves. The jacket does not only favor the actress; it creates a modernity that blends the lady with danger in most scenes of the film. Also, it has a button and zipper closure style. Green further extends his gratitude by making sure actor Stephen is not left out in jacket design. His jacket too has a standup collar. The black jacket has only a zipper closure design and is believed to have two side pockets. Wow, what a fit for a skating vigilante in the movie. Not only does it show his warrior side, it also explains why his charms attract April O’Neal and the entire law enforcement division. The jacket also fits his body structure so well that there is a mutual attraction from the audience and viewers worldwide. These jackets are abundant including other designs from Green’s collection and are available. Interested parties to go online quickly and browse our website and order. First come first served.