Dress to Impress

How to Dress to Impress

People spend countless number of hours trying to polish their style, make sure they look best, spend insane amounts money in trying to pursue the best brands and fashion statements, yet sometimes they fail to impressively dress, this comes either from within themselves because there is something that makes them unhappy about a particular dressing or from others opinion when styling becomes a total disaster. Here we should keep one thing in mind that dressing and styling always looks good when done properly and appropriately considering lot of factors before pulling on something.

An article of few hundred words cannot stress the importance of factors such the situations and events that play a very significant role in complementing the fashion and style you carry. So dressing smartly, cleverly and according to your situation is very important, to understand this fact and how to dress in order to impress we talk about some key areas to focus on:

Try to be your own: Never underestimate the power of your personality, image and confidence that you have, sometimes individuals try to copy someone else they are not, just because others look good doesn’t mean that you will look good in the same thing, take an example of ladies leather jackets for sale, there are so many different varieties available so understand the style that works for you and not that works for others. When you dress in a certain way, it resembles your thought process, your background, how you relate to the things around you and what is your charisma and personality.

Always have the right order of your outfits: Sometimes even a good fashion statement looks bad when completely out of order for example if a certain button or stitching is off or there are loads of wrinkles or stains on the fabric. All this contribute to a very bad styling manner, so it is important that you have an eye for detailing, cleaning and the appearance of your outfit.

Do not pretend to wear old or wear down clothes: If you are going to some glamorous event or some formal situation then do not wear clothes that look old or sluggish, it is not only important to have a new fresh look on your clothes but also new looking outfits highlight the fact that you are an avid fashion follower.

Keep a good compliment of accessories with you. Over- doing your accessories part can kill the overall styling so ensure that you have just the right sprinkle of accessories with you that compliment the event and your outfit.

Be mindful about your appearance: Do not be overly conscious and low on confidence but stay mindful about how you look, this means being smart and mature about your styling, not over-doing your make over and dressing is something that can easily keep you mindful about your fashion.

Finally keep one thing in mind, which is dress to your own comfort and not someone else, people in order to get other’s approval dress and not because they are comfortable with something, and eventually this will become a disaster.

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