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TV and movie stars have one thing in common and that is the gigantic sea of fans who love them, idolize them and would give anything to look like them. And leading clothing brands are fully aware of this fact and make sure they reap full advantage of such opportunities by signing big celebrities to do modeling for them and help them promote their clothing line, introducing new trends and lifestyle and what not. Investing in big budget movies, providing the required clothing items to the costume designers and the fans just following their idols is common nowadays.

The trends of the fashion industry is a constantly changing phenomena, with the new breeze bringing in new styles and new clothing lines and celebrities at the forefront of promoting these trends and eager and faithful fans waiting in lines to buy and embrace them. The impact of A-list celebrities in introducing such innovations and styles is there for everyone to see. Although there are numerous other clothing items that they promote but the demand for leather jackets is rapidly increasing and has pushed such clothing lines to produce more and more of these jackets to meet the phenomenal demand of their customers and introducing different sizes and colors and what not may seem like a difficult job to do.

Let’s take a look at some of these viral leather jackets and how they became so famous and costly. Tom Cruise has been one of the most famous celebrities of all time, possessing a career spanning over almost three decades and has been the heartbeat of his fans by playing parts in movies such as Mission Impossible franchise, Oblivion, Rain Man and Jack Reacher and many more. Apart from his acting, one other thing that has engulfed his fans is the leather jackets that he has worn in these movies. From Top Gun to Jack Reacher each and every movie has presented him in a different look and found him promoting a different style and different jackets.

Tom Cruise is not the only actor who has fans or a wide variety of leather goods to advertise, many other movie franchises and celebrities have also done the same, whether they are male or female. Feminine leather jackets are far more popular and in demand, and every brand is trying its best to provide their customers with their desired orders and placing an equally inspired price-tag on such items. Other celebrities like Hugh Jackman from X-men series has had the same impact on his fans who want nothing but to buy Logan’s leather jacket, and Chris Evans from Captain America and so many more stars just like them have made these leather jackets much more desirable. These celebrities leather jackets are being produced at a larger scale as more and more orders are pouring in from their enthusiastic fans. Female leather jackets are far more expensive as compared to the male’s, with the Brunello Cucinelli shearling biker jacket being sold for a whopping 4950$ and many more just like this one at an even higher price.