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Father’s Day Special Unique Gift Ideas

All fathers deserve their own dedicated time, and that is why we have made Jun 19 Father’s Day. We have put together our own little list to help you make your father feel a little extra special on this occasion. There are some great ways to put a smile on your father’s face by doing everything from giving gifts, to just spending some quality time together.

Father's Day Special Unique Gift Ideas 2016


Nothing exudes more cheer than just a good gift for your dad. Surprise him on this day by letting him have something that he always wanted; that golf club he has been drooling over, or perhaps a branded cigar. Best thing about fathers is that there is almost anything that they will happily admire as a gift, even if it’s something as simple as a card. Just let your father feel like he is celebrating an early Christmas.

Breakfast In Bed

Father’s Day is not a public holiday, and chances are that your dad is going to be working on June 19th. So why not start his day amazingly by cooking up some breakfast in bed. This on its own is a gift for you dad, it’s a great way to make hectic days easier and share your love for him in a much deeper way. So get up early, cook a hearty meal and serve it hot for you father while he is still in bed, then watch the smile stretch across his face.


Dad’s love outdoors; fishing, golf, games etc. So why not take him out for a day in the sun and share a moment with him. See what your father likes and plan an activity together. It can be anything from a day at the golf course to seeing a game of baseball together at your local stadium. Take this time to get to get to know him more and cherish your memories throughout the day.


To wrap up father’s day, nothing beat going to the movies. Take your dad out and go catch the latest showing at your local theater. Do some research beforehand and pick a movie that he would really enjoy. As you’re driving home after watching the movie, you will feel the joy in your father for the great day you have given him.