The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon leather vest
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The Walking Dead is a mega hit television series on AMC that places its characters in a post apocalyptic world where they have to survive and protect themselves from flesh eating zombies. The show’s success has put it up there with blockbuster shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad with a cult fan following. The lead character, Rick Grimes sets out in search for his family and along the way helps as many survivors as he can, together the band of survivors try and fend off the zombies and make it one day at a time. Fans enjoy the show for its different portrayal of the horror genre, characters come and characters go, but they have to keep moving on.

If you are familiar with the show, you probably already know and love Daryl Dixon, the bike riding expert tracker who has won the heart of most fans. Daryl has a simple style that is no nonsense and does not try too hard at looking cool. The Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Vest is one that many fans have had their eyes on every since it appeared on television. It’s the classic black leather style with the angel wings providing a slightly trendy twist. Great replicas are easily available online and all you need to do to find them is fire up the old search engine and type in the words. Look around in different stores and make sure you are getting the genuine piece. This is a fan must have item and will be a marvelous addition to your wardrobe. If you find a legitimate piece with all the right details you are not going to regret getting it. Just try and find a store that can replace the jacket for you if it is faulty.

There are countless stores that you can easily find it in. There are stores that stock jackets especially from popular shows and movies by strong demand from the fans. If the show is a mega hit like this one then you might be looking at something in a high price range but with their high quality and assured durability they are usually worth it. Available at around $150 this one falls into a reasonable price range. Make sure you don’t pay too little or too much for it; too little and the item might not be genuine, too much and you are being overcharged. If you watch the show you definitely love Daryl who has remained a solid and reliable character through all the crises the characters come across. This jacket is not just to appease the fan in you, but will also look trendy and stylish at any casual event. All you have to do to make it look great it pair it with a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans and leave the rest to it. Wait no more; this affordable piece of clothing is something you already know you want to get. So hurry along, go online, find a store and buy it for yourself.