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Four Fun Facts About the Upcoming 4th of July

The biggest national holiday is almost upon us. Jul 4 Independence Day is the day that America gained its independence from the British is a landmark day to celebrate freedom and the ideology of our forefathers. But it is also a peculiar day for many people who celebrate the day enthusiastically. In our research, we came across some interesting facts about this special occasion. Here is our favorite four.

More money will be spent on fireworks than food

When combining the amount of fireworks consumers will purchase with the state organized fireworks display, a total of almost $700 million will be spent on pyrotechnics equipment. That is more money spends on one item than food, transportation and electricity combined.

Interestingly though, 4th of July accounts for almost 90% of the sales revenue fireworks company generate in their typical year, as no one considers purchasing them any other time.

United States is not the only one

Although United States has been the popular celebrator of this day, there are other countries that coincidentally also gained their independence on this day. These countries include Denmark, England, Norway and Sweden. Many of these countries however don’t celebrate is as much as the United States as they consider their celebration theirs as well.

4th of July in Space

There are still some American astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Even though NASA has strictly forbidden the use or experimentation of flammable objects aboard a space craft, the astronauts are still planning to pop some fireworks during this day.

However, the will not be using chemical fireworks. Instead they will use vapor fireworks and will be filming the event that would steam live back to Earth. This would be the first time Fourth of July would be celebrated in space.

4th of July is not the real Independence Day

The actual day in which United States got its independence was 2nd July. However, it took two days for the first president to take office and to officially announce the declaration to the world. There is however a small celebration on 2nd July for the official signing of the Declaration of Independence which was the event that has been attributed to America gaining its sovereignty.