What are Good Ways to Maintain a Leather Jacket?

Leather Jacket is an article that usually lasts you a lifetime? The material is expensive and you usually put a lot of thought into buying one that suits you the best. However, it can be difficult to take care of the jacket since most of us prefer to wear it during a particular season. They are kept far off in our wardrobes with the risk of wearing out so here are some tips to make sure your jacket is well-maintained and you don’t have to spend money on a new one every season.

Always Read the Label
it is important for you to read the label on your leather jacket as the material of leather jackets may vary. You need to know what the manufacturer says about the maintenance before applying any product because that may end up damaging your jacket. All leather jackets give a guide on how to clean the material.

Dry Clean
It is better to give your leather jacket for dry-cleaning as water damage your attire. However, make sure your dry-cleaner knows about the specifications of the jacket. There are specific instructions for each material so ensure they are aware of that. Otherwise, your jacket will face some serious irreversible damage. Before putting your leather jacket in the closet for storing, make sure you dry clean as it will get rid of all the pests and dirt that might ruin your jacket.

Brush it off
Another way to clean your jacket is to brush it off gently. Use a brush to remove some excess dust from your leather jacket, especially if it has been kept in the storage for a long time. However, make sure that the brush is suitable for the kind of leather used in your jacket and be careful about the roughness of the brush.

For the suede jacket, there is a specialized brush that ensures that the material remains well-maintained. However, do not use a suede brush on other materials as it might damage those types of leathers. Furthermore, you can also use a damp cloth to wipe the dust from your jackets. Drop some water drops on the leather and check if the leather absorbs the droplets. If it does, abandon the process immediately as it will darken the color and ruin the texture. However, if the drops remain on the surface, then wipe your leather jacket with a damp cloth until all the stains are removed. Remember, leather is sensitive so make this process as delicate as possible.

Leather Products
Leather products are fairly popular for cleaning jackets. While this may be an effective method to ensure the maintenance of your jacket, certain products might damage your jacket so ensure that the cleaning products are suitable for the type of leather. For this purpose, test a hidden part of your jacket with the product you plan on using and see the reaction. Rub it gently on a small hidden part, leave it for five minutes and see how well it sits on the jacket. If there is no harm, continue using the product to clean your jacket. If the leather is labeled aniline, semi-aniline or pigmented leather, then it is okay to use the leather products on it. Use a leather conditioner once or twice a month to retain the shine of your attire but do apply the conditioner when the jacket feels dull and rough. Some products might end up clogging the pores of the jacket because of excess oil so ensure that the quantity you use is a bare minimum. Additionally, avoid using conditioners that contain petroleum oil as it will permanently damage your jacket by making it lose its shine and color.

Keep Away From Water
Do not wash your jacket as water makes it stiff and rough. The water will damage the outlook of your jacket so if you accidentally expose your jacket to wetness, leave it to dry naturally at room temperature. Moreover, try to blow dry it lightly to run the excess water from the hidden places. Make sure the jacket is far away from any heat sources and is not exposed directly to sunlight.

How To Store Your Jacket
Store your jackets in dry and cool places to avoid the leather from getting damaged. Do not cover it with a plastic bag as the conditions around a leather jacket should be breathable. Hang it in a closet with enough space as squeezing it might cause the jacket to lose its shine and acquire wrinkles that are difficult to smooth out.

Follow these steps and avoid getting a new Samish leather jacket every season. It is complicated to take care of a leather jacket as there are various types of leather so always check the label and follow the instructions accordingly.

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