Lincoln Clay Video Game Mafia Iii Jacket

$219 $184

$219 $184
  • Color:?Black
  • Front:?Button? Closure
  • Collar: Shirt Style Collar
  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Pockets: Chest Pockets and Waist Pockets


Mafia III is a famous adventure and action video game which was launched by Hanger 13 and 2K in hear 2016. This superb game is compatible with Xbox 1, Microsoft Windows and Play station 4. The story has been set in the fictional town called New Bordeaux located in New Orleans. The story revolves around the fictional character called Lincoln Clay who creates his own criminal gang to fight against the Italian Mob. The player can control the leading character and roam about freely in the city of Bordeaux. The Jacket worn by Lincoln Clay in Mafia III looks superb. This Lincoln Clay Video Game Mafia III Jacket is made up of genuine leather material. It is available in black color. The Jacket has a shirt design collar and has a front elegant button closure style. It also has full-length sleeves with open hem cuffs, chest and waist pockets.

The Lincoln Clay video game Mafia III jacket is a highly recognizable piece of gaming history. It was worn by the protagonist, Lincoln Clay, in the 2016 video game “Mafia III.” The jacket is made from a durable leather material, which gives it a tough and rugged appearance. The design of the jacket is inspired by military-style jackets, with a zip-up front and large collar. It has a fitted silhouette, which adds to the overall stylish look of the jacket. One of the most distinctive features of the jacket is the color. It is a deep olive green, which adds to the military-style look of the jacket. The jacket also features several pockets, which are practical and add to the overall design of the jacket.

The character of Lincoln Clay is a Vietnam War veteran, and the design of the jacket reflects his military background. Clay’s performance in the game was praised for his ability to convey the character’s emotions and struggles, and the jacket added to his overall appearance and helped to establish him as a tough and determined hero. The jacket has become a popular fashion statement and has been worn by many fans of the Mafia franchise. Its military-style design and distinctive color have made it a collector’s item, with many replicas and imitations available on the market. In conclusion, the Lincoln Clay video game Mafia III jacket is an iconic piece of gaming history. Its military-style design and association with the character of Lincoln Clay have made it a highly recognizable symbol of toughness and determination. It remains a popular fashion item and a collector’s item for fans of the Mafia franchise.

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