men black b3 aviator jacket

$209 $179

$209 $179

Color: Black

Material: Pure Leather

Soft Shear Lining

Shearling Shirt Collar

Shearling Cuffs

Zip Fastening

Outside Pockets

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Men Black B3 Aviator Jacket is one of the great products in shearling jackets. The style captured from WWII with a real sheepskin aviator jacket. The similar product worn by Air Crops from the American Army for the high level mission at @20,000 feet with freezing temperatures below zero degrees. It is known to be the 1st item in the industry made with pure sheepskin in terms of fashion and functional item. You can never be cold again with this great jacket and it is very popular in the trending men?s fashion industry. You can wear them with jeans to enhance your style.

This stunning B3 Aviator Jacket is created in high-grade sheepskin leather, on the outer side of the product is crafted with Soft Fur Lining, there is an extremely smooth, supple and warm thick sheepskin which is 15mm thick. 2 external pockets with 2 customizable midsection clasps as well as Shearling Cuffs to make a comfortable fit. It is perfect for you whether going for a casual party or planning a trip to go to the mountains.

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