Men Black Shearling Flying Leather Jacket

$289 $249

$289 $249

Color: Black
Material: Pure Leather
Inner Shear Lining
Shear Shirt Collar
Shearling Cuffs
Zip Fastening
Outside Pockets



A top-quality classic Men Black Shearling Flying Leather Jacket gives you the stunning look in the gatherings. It is comfortable to wear and a great addition to your fashion wardrobe. Pilots like Charles Lindbergh can wear this stuff for flying. It is similar to that jacket which was used to stop the wind on a motorcycle. It is just the one-time investment material and you can use it for a lifetime!

Men Black Shearling Flying Leather Jacket is an amazing black leather jacket with shearling on collars, sleeves, and hemline. This is a cushioned stuff, overwhelming yet easy to wear and warm at similar times. This will guard you against climate conditions and shield you from the cold season, ensuring you’re not disturbed. Appropriate for trekking, outside exercises, for example, during hunting.

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