Men Brown Long Leather Jacket

$215 $185

$215 $185

Color: Brown
Material: Pure Leather
Inner Viscose Lining
Lapel Collar
Open Cuffs
Button Closure
Inside & Outside Pockets

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The long leather jacket is trending for men all over the place, offering style, and fashion sense in equivalent measure. Made from supple, buffed original leather, the engaging, pleasant look of this jacket is truly made to gain the attention of others. When layered it with soft lining, to make it a comfortable jacket that is ideal for anything from a short journey into town or a long trip towards abroad.

Recognized from other men’s leather jackets by the length as well as by their committed outdoorsy style, long leather jackets cover and hold that notable leather look that no other jacket can cope up with it. Inside the wide umbrella of long material, we sell a wide scope of various styles and hues. When you’re purchasing a jacket that will last you for a long time, you must have the option to pick precisely the correct style for you. Our variety of stylish design empowers you to do that, which makes the jacket that you purchase more unique and fashionable!

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