Steam Powered Giraffe Rabbit Cosplay Vest

$220 $150

$220 $150
  • Color Black
  • Fabric Cotton
  • Lapel Style Collar
  • Front with Buttons Closure
  • Inspired by Musical Band Steam Powered Giraffe
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There are so many amazing costumes that are designed for the all-important and the amazing events and the occasions. Like the Halloween festival around the corner, we can see the amazing dresses and the costumes for the people in the markets and the stores. The making of such different and the fancy costumes cannot be worn on a regular day, but the events demand the theme and the type of outfits of a different caliber.

For the Halloween up ahead, Steam Powered Giraffe Rabbit Cosplay Vest is one of the best and the amazing for the all-important event to take the roof off. Made with the fabric cotton material and the black and the red combination looks the best and the impressive one. The red button on the front and the closure of this fancy type looks so different and horrific on the nights of this Halloween. Have a go at this amazing vest that offers the best and the unique design for the main purpose.

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