Vash The Stampede Trigun Coat

$229 $179

$229 $179
  • Color Maroon
  • Faux Leather
  • Inner Soft Viscose
  • Full-Length Sleeves
  • Pocket Inside the Coat
  • Collar Round Neck Style


Trigun animated series began in 1998 by Japanese network called ?TV Tokyo?. It is an action plus adventure anime series which also has a touch of comedy to attract children with more fun. The protagonist character of this series is called ?Vash?, whose full name is ?Vash the Stampede?. He is an advanced gun shooter with abilities to use a knife also. The character of Vash was also used in a movie called ?Trigun-badlands rumble?, in which Masaya on Osaka portrayed this role.

The Vash the Stampede Trigun coat is expertly stitched in trench style by using faux leather in fine quality and displaying ravishing maroon color. It?s a full-length coat with a unique and unusual design including along stand-up collar with silver button closure. The front closure is also designed with silver snap-tab buttons and full sleeves are adorned with buckle straps. This amazing and very unique design long coat will make you different and classy from other.

Vash the Stampede is the protagonist of the popular manga and anime series “Trigun.” He is known for his signature red coat, which has become an iconic piece of pop culture fashion. The coat is made from high-quality materials and reflects Vash’s status as a legendary gunslinger.

The Trigun coat is a long, flowing design, with a duster style that extends past the knees. It is made from heavy cotton or twill fabric that gives it a durable, rugged feel. The coat features a large collar, wide lapels, and two large pockets on the front. The sleeves are loose and flowy, adding to the coat’s overall dramatic effect.

The coat has become popular with fans of the series for its unique design and iconic status. It’s a great option for anyone looking to add a touch of anime-inspired style to their wardrobe. The coat’s classic design and high-quality materials ensure that it will last for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe.

Replicas of the Trigun coat are widely available online, but it’s important to be cautious when purchasing. Look for reputable retailers who specialize in anime-inspired clothing, and be sure to read reviews from other customers before making a purchase. With a little research, you can find a high-quality replica that will make you feel like a legendary gunslinger.

In conclusion, the Vash the Stampede Trigun coat is a popular item of clothing among fans of the series and anyone looking to add a touch of anime-inspired style to their wardrobe. Its unique design and high-quality materials ensure that it will remain a stylish and iconic option for years to come.

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