Real and Faux Leather jacket

In this blog you will find the interesting facts about real leather jackets and faux leather jackets with its pros and cons. Although both leather jackets are high in demand and people feel good to wear real leather jackets and faux leather jacket but you must know the real difference between these two fabrics so you can find the best suitable leather jacket for yourself. You may learn intriguing information about real leather and fake leather jackets, along with their benefits and drawbacks, in this site. Although both real and imitation leather jackets are in high demand, and both types make people feel good when worn, you must understand the true differences between the two materials in order to choose the leather jacket that is most appropriate for you.

Faux Leather Jackets:


Faux Leather is immensely common nowadays.  As we live in a global society where the norms of wearing leather jackets are very common, Faux Leather has become more accepted in dressing items.  At early ages faux leather was known as the cheap and less expensive leather jackets.  And most of the consumers do not want to purchase real leather jackets due to its high prices and faux leather are common. Nowadays, faux leather is widely used.


Faux leather has become more widely accepted in clothing products because it is highly usual to wear leather jackets in today’s global society. Early on, imitation leather was associated with less priced, more affordable leather coats. Due to their high cost and the prevalence of synthetic leather, the majority of consumers do not wish to buy real leather jackets.


On a variety of our products at samishleather.com, including faux leather moto jackets, faux leather biker jackets for men and for women all are stylish and exlusive, and faux leather bomber jackets, faux leather is used.


We also have a selection of jackets made entirely of real leather. There are financing alternatives, so you may buy any genuine leather jacket and take advantage of the weekly discounts.




  • Faux leather is gentle on the skin.
  • Faux leather is more affordable as compare to real leather.
  • Almost any colour can be used to recreate and create faux leather.
  • Mass-produced faux leather can have a high-gloss texture.
  • A moist cloth works well to clean faux leather.
  • Faux leather just requires minimal upkeep.
  • Compared to genuine leather jackets, faux leather is less susceptible to damage.
  • Faux leather resists fading from ultraviolet light.
  • Some clients dislike the scent of real leather, thus faux leather doesn’t have that odour.


  • Faux leather, and PVC faux leather in particular, is impermeable and Samishleather.com never uses it.
  • Since real leather is a byproduct of cows that have been raised for their meat, faux leather is more environmentally wasteful than real leather.
  • Faux leather lacks the same hypoallergenic qualities as genuine leather.
  • In contrast to real leather, faux leather is easily torn or perforated by careless handling during washing or other activities.
  • Because of their options, some buyers prefer genuine real leather’s aroma, which faux leather lacks.

Real Leather:

Genuine animal hides are used to create real leather. It is a by-product of treated cows that were raised for their meat. Real leather is strong, but to extend its life, it must be properly cared for. Real leather ages poorly and deteriorates in the presence of UV light. Compared to faux leather, real leather comes in a far smaller range of colours. Real leather typically comes in white, several colours of black, and brown. Genuine leather is breathable but typically cannot be washed. Real leather must be maintained using specialised treatments to preserve the finish.The synthetic material known as faux leather is incredibly strong. Nowadays, faux leather is typically more durable than genuine leather.

Here we are presenting some exclusive collection of our real leather jackets:












Insight Facts:

Faux leather has the drawback of frequently being constructed of subpar materials. Over time, cracks will develop, rendering the item both unattractive and worthless. These items won’t endure for as long as real leather does. Faux leather will become apparent as the inferior purchase after some use because it lacks the real leather’s durability.

There are many techniques to identify faux leather. While faux leather is glossier and lacks detail, real leather will have texture and pores. When folded, faux leather has a propensity to wrinkle rapidly and is not very water resistant. Real leather is still used today since historically, those who wore it needed to be flexible and adaptable in order to function in a variety of settings.

A real leather jacket is the better investment because of its strength and longevity. Although faux leather is less expensive than real leather, this is a false economy since faux leather products do not last as long as a real leather jacket.

For those who care about the environment, real leather is also a superior option. Faux leather can spend a very long time in a landfill because it is constructed of synthetic materials. While some chemicals are used in the production of these products, real leather is the more environmentally friendly option because it is all-natural. However, synthetic leather is a superior option for those who are against using products made from animals. New kinds of leather that aren’t created from animals are on the future; one famous one is called, appropriately enough, Mushroom Leather.

Because they are protective, real leather jackets are used by racecar drivers, military personnel, and bikers. In contrast to faux leather, which cannot help protect the wearer from injury, they are quite strong. When wearing a genuine leather jacket, road injuries are less likely.


Even though imitation leather is more widely available and costs less, real leather is a better material for long-lasting garments. A genuine leather jacket will last you for a very long time and might even be passed down to the next generation. At samishleather.com you can have a look to entire collection of leather jackets. A real leather jacket is a wise choice if you want something of superior quality that will last for years. Every item can be individually tailored to meet needs. Genuine leather jackets always make the wearer seem good and frequently end up becoming a favorite piece of apparel for the wearer as well as for friends and family.