Leather Industry

Research Study on Challenges faced by Leather Industry

Research Study on Challenges faced by Leather Industry


The leather industry is considered as one of the important Industry in every country. The leather industry processes rawhides as well as skins and manufactures semi-processed and finished leather for the purpose of both export consumption and local consumption. The leather industry is also one of the most important sources of employment for millions of people. It is the only reason due to which the leather sector requires great attention by the government and from all the concerned stakeholders. There are several challenges faced by the leather industry, which are as follows in detail.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the challenges faced by the leather industry.

  1. Availability of Low-quality raw material.

Among all of the specified problems hindering the growth and expansion of the leather industry, the low quality of raw material is one of the main problems faced by the leather industry. The availability of low-quality raw material for the leather industry is just because of the rising in manufacturing cost of leather. The bad quality material is so much costly to process and results in a high proportion of the inferior quality products which are disliked by the customers and due to it, the revenues of the leather industry is falling so sharply.

  1. Effects of the rise in taxes on leather jacket industry.

With the passage of time, the rate of taxes is rising with an increasing rate. Due to an increase in the taxes the inflation also increases. The increase in inflation puts negative effects on the leather industry in such a way that the cost of products in the market increases due to which the demand for the product decreases. Therefore, it can be said that the rise in taxes puts inverse effects on the industry.

  1. Impact of changes in Fashion

It has been seen that fashion changes with the rapid pace in the entire globe and it impacts on the clothing industry all over the world. Similarly, the change in fashion also puts disastrous effects on the leather industry as well. Because the need of consumers will also change so fast with the passage of time. Due to it the leather industry also needs to invent some new designs that can help them in best satisfying the needs of their clients. The customer never likes to buy old fashion products like jackets, shoes, handbags, etc that are kept by several firms. Due to it, the firms have to bear the obsolescence cost which lessens the profit margins. However, various companies are working here who focus on the current trend and launch new product design in the market at a fast pace like Samish Leather.

  1. Banned on the Animal Skins

In the recent past few years, there is a sharp decline observed in the animal’s breed, due to which the government of several countries imposed a ban on the trading of animal skins.  Due to which, it would be much complicated for the makers of the leather made products to manufacture superclass products that can satisfy the needs and wants of the purchasers of the product.


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