The 10 best motorcycle biker jackets this season

The merit of a genuine leather jacket is that it never goes out of style, and the longer you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes. There’s simply something about leather that any other materials can’t match. Leather jackets out there in the market are plentiful and popular, with seemingly unlimited possibilities to select from. However, at Samish leather, we have chosen the best motorcycle jackets out of our collection for both men and women. 


Leather Motorcycle Jacket – What is it? 

The leather motorcycle jacket is regarded as the bad boy of the leather jacket categories. The biker or motorcycle jacket is a shorter leather jacket with studs and asymmetric zippers. They were built in such a way so that riders could lean over their bikes without the fastenings biting into their bodies. Motorcyclists were the first to wear these jackets. The motorcycle jacket is composed of goatskin, cowhide, or horsehide and is a robust piece of apparel. Even if you’re the skinniest person on the planet, an eye-catching jacket with noticeable stitching will elevate your appearance.


Fashionable Leather Jackets VS Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Lighter leathers, such as goatskin or lambskin, are used in fashion leather jackets. Jackets designed for use on motorcycles must be more durable. As a result, they mainly employ cowhide or buffalo hide. Because the leather from these sources is typically thick and durable, it’s ideal for use in motorcycle leather jackets.


The thickness of the material of the leather biker jacket is the next factor to consider when purchasing genuine motorcycle leather jackets. Because biker jackets are prone to more wear and tear due to the  wind and the need for protection in the case of a fall, they must be more durable and thicker than regular jackets. A typical biker jacket’s leather density is often assessed to be at least 1.1cm. On the other hand, fashion leather jackets are composed of softer and more pliant leather to ensure various designs and styling. 


Fashion jackets are usually created with the goal of making one appear attractive and so they offer little in the way of protection from bike injuries. Meanwhile, armor plates can be inserted into leather motorcycle jackets. These assist in the protection of the body’s delicate areas from severe injury in the event of an accident. Furthermore, leather biker jackets aid in the survival of falls. This is something that every motorcyclist needs in a leather jacket.


Our most highly-rated products for men

We at Samish leather carry the most wanted designs of all types of leather jackets. We have a great selection of leather biker jackets for men to choose from. In case you want to purchase one, here are our top selections.


This men’s dark brown motorcycle jacket is the ultimate fashion accessory for your outfits. The rich chocolate brown color of the jacket elevates one’s entire figure. Like most leather motorcycle jackets, this one is made from genuine leather. It contains a soft inner viscose lining that does not compromise its style in any way. The collar is a shirt-style lapel collar with studs. The main zipper on the front is slanted to grant a more edgier vibe to the jacket. Along with inner pockets, the jacket has 3 external zippered pockets, one on the left side of the chest and two on the waist. A small snap-tab covered pocket can also be seen. The sleeves on this men’s leather biker jacket are simple and slim-fitted, ending in zippered cuffs. 

Men Dark Brown Leather Jacket – Samish Leather




If you want to make a statement with your outfit, this jet black men’s leather biker jacket should be your go-to. Made with 100% genuine leather, the slim fitting design of the jacket will make anyone look good. The motorcycle jacket has form-fitting sleeves with zippers on the cuffs. The body of the jacket boasts a symmetrical lapel collar that is studded. Like many other jackets, the zipper is slanted and is surrounded on the waist by two external zippered pockets. 

Men Motorcycle Leather Jacket – Samish Leather


This classic brown men’s motorcycle leather jacket is different from normal motorcycle jackets. This jacket has a round collar with snap tab closure. The sleeves of the jacket are slim fitting and sleek to add to the overall fitted structure of the jacket. They end in zippered cuffs. The shoulders showcase stitch detailing to make the men’s biker jacket stand out. There are four external pockets, two on the chest and two on the waist. The brown leather biker jacket is perfect for everyday use and will be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Classic Mens Brown Biker Real Leather Jacket – Samish Leather

Another classic piece is this chocolate brown leather motorcycle jacket. It not only gives you an uber-cool style, but it also has a deep rustic richness to it. A round design collar, zipped cuffs, internal viscose lining, and multiple pockets, two on the inside and two on the outside, are just a few of its amazing features. A terrific wardrobe necessity for anyone looking for a brown men’s biker jacket with a classic contemporary style. 

Brown Colour Biker Jacket For Men – Samish Leather



This shiny black biker jacket is a wonderful modern take on a traditional style, and it has an effortlessness about it that goes with a variety of ensembles. The snap button style collar on this men’s leather jacket adds a classic touch to this piece, making it a must-have for any style-conscious man’s collection. It may appear simple, yet it commands just as much attention as any other fantastic motorcycle jacket. It’s one of the greatest motorcycle jackets for men because of its clean lines, gradual fall, and easy-to-wear quality.

Black Mens Biker Racer Leather Jacket


This moto-inspired jacket has a trim fit and a streamlined aesthetic. It is a traditional leather motorcycle jacket with a straight zipper made of high quality leather. On the exterior, this leather jacket men has a silver zipper that makes a statement, but on the inside, it’s fully lined for a soft feel and has inside zip compartments for all your needs. The jacket has two external zippered pockets and sleeve zippers with snap-tab cuff closures.

Mens Racing Style Biker Leather Jacket



Our top-rated products for women

We’ve put up a list of 6 motorbike leather jackets for women. All of these choices have been recommended by us, have been tried and tested, and have received some of the best feedback. So you’ll not only be wearing a fashionable piece, but you’ll also be investing in a piece that will last.


This round-necked and snap-buttoned style statement comes in a gorgeous brown color. This brown biker jacket for women has some timeless features that create a sophisticated look that’s always in fashion. The golden central zipper is surrounded by layered stitch detailing to add texture to the jacket. There are four external zippered pockets and one internal pocket on this jacket. Anyone who characterizes their style as minimalistic and elegant would benefit from this jacket.

Womens Brown Round Collar Leather Jacket



While this brown women’s biker jacket does not come in the classic black color of the most versatile women’s leather jackets, it is one of those hues that never seems to go out of style. It’s a lighter and brighter approach to add a women’s leather jacket to your wardrobe than black. This leather jacket women is a wardrobe classic with characteristic metal hardware and delicate embellishments. It carries three external pockets and a lapel collar with studs and goes for a grunge vibe which is lessened by the brown. 

Women Notch Collar Brown Biker Fashion Leather Jacket



This women’s leather biker jacket is the most iconic of them all, and it will never go out of style. The feminine design and discreetly nipped-in waist, combined with quilted shoulder and sleeve embellishments, gives this biker jacket all of the classic biker jacket traits without sacrificing its tailored finish. For a stunning finish, this black womens leather jacket provides angled hem helps to achieve a tailored fit and a smaller waistline. The thin fit will serve to accentuate your figure, and the exquisite piping details will make this a true standout.

Women Sports Style Real Leather Jacket In Black



This stunning flash of color is a little more uncommon, but it is sure to brighten up any ensemble. This red leather jacket is a traditional women’s biker jacket design with asymmetric zip and pocket detailing and a little cropped finish for a feminine fit. With its shrunken fit and stitch design across the back, this womens leather jacket will help to showcase your lowered waistline. This womens jacket has a snap-down collar, an asymmetrical zip placket, and a set of zip front pockets that lie just above a belted hem, just like the classic biker jacket.

Women Biker Assymetrical Style Leather Jacket – Samishleather


To conclude, many fashion trends have come and gone, but leather motorcycle jackets are the single item of clothing that has lasted the test of time. If you want to make a statement every time you leave the house, you should invest in a leather biker jacket that matches your personality and style. A leather jacket is a must-have for any wardrobe. They’re tough, long-lasting, and adaptable, and they’re one of the few pieces of clothing that will never go out of style.