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Zac Efron’s Devilishly Handsome 17 Again Oblow Leather Jacket

Everyone wants to look young and handsome and that desire is what drives them to buy attractive and sometimes expensive clothing items. When Zac Efron broke into the world of showbiz with High School Musical, he was an instant hit, with ladies drooling over him and men trying to look just like him. With his awesome looks, no wonder his career took a trip uphill and millions of fans took to copying his style and clothes. With his devilishly good looks, the designers didn’t require a lot of work as anything he wore became an instant trend and every teen and even adults buying his clothes online. When we talk about his dressing and the public frenzy that it created amongst teens, how can we forget 17 again?

Zac Efron plays the role of Mike O’Donnell, a teen basketball star in his high school, who falls in love with a beautiful young girl. On the day of his biggest game she informs him about her pregnancy and he freezes mid game, caught between being a teen or spending the rest of his life with the girl of his dreams. And they get married soon afterwards, but there is no happily ever after as we see the elder Mike O’Donnell, played by Matthew Perry, living miserably over the mistakes he made and wants to correct them if only he could be 17 again. And one day he wakes up and finds himself in his younger body once again and sets off on a journey to correct the wrongs that he did in his past. The story line is cheesy, but it wasn’t entirely the story that made it into the headline, rather it was the jacket that Zac Efron wore in the movie that caught the public’s eye.

The 17 Again Oblow leather jacket is what every teen wanted thereafter. Although it won’t take them back in time but he just looked so good wearing it, that the temptation was hard to resist. The black leather jacket was highly in demand as soon as the film was released and the shops were crowded with eager teens trying to buy one for themselves. The popularity of this jacket was so much that even now 5 years since the movie was released is still available in stores and the manufacturers are making money hand over fist. Even now this leather jacket stands at a staggering 200$ which proves just how popular it really is after almost half a decade.

People are not shy of spending so much on a leather jacket because they understand just how durable it is. A leather item can last for 3 to 4 years or more as compared to other materials and that is why the manufacturers charge high prices for these items and the consumers willingly pay them. If you have 200$ and you are looking to buy something that will melt the hearts of the ladies then this jacket is a must buy for you as it will help you do just that and who knows you might also meet the girl of your dreams.